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Alstroemeria King

Color : Assorted
Alstroemeria is an extremely long lasting cut flower, 12 to 18 days.
Common name for Alstroemeria is “Peruvian Lily”

Care and Handling Tips:

  • Stem joints break easily, so handle them gently.
  • Trim about 1 inch from the stem ends with a diagonal cut and place them in a vase with lukewarm water and a flower preservation.
  • Change the water in your vase every four or five days. Also, cut the stem ends again and remove all wilted flowers and yellowing leaves.
  • Keep your vase in a cool place away from drafts and direct sunlight.

Alstroemeria – Yellow King
These bulbous rhizomes produce beautiful flowers that are carried in clusters on tops of stems.
Once settled in their environment they will flower profusely. The more you pick, by simply pulling the stem out of the ground, the more flowers you will have.

When to plant: Autumn / Winter
How to grow: Plant: 15cm deep 30cm apart in full sun.
Flowering: Late Spring / Summer