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Anigozanthos – Kangaroo Paw

Common name : Evergreen kangaroo paw, tall kangaroo paw

About this species
Evergreen kangaroo paw is an easily-grown perennial, and some of its artificial hybrids provide good cut-flowers. Flowering stems are produced throughout the summer, where the flowers attract nectar-feeding birds and honey possums. The species is particularly suited to cultivation due to its natural resistance to disease and insect attack and there are many different coloured hybrid cultivars with Anigozanthos flavidus as one of the parents.

Growing Conditions:

  • Light: Kangaroo paw like bright light but not sunlight. gardeners are often advised to grow them in full sunlight for best performance, but indoors they appreciate more modulated light.
  • Water: Water heavily throughout the growing season, but provide excellent drainage.
  • Fertilizer: Apply a weak fertilizer every other week through the growing season. Reduce feeding in winter.
  • Soil: They are known as hardy plants that can withstand a wide range of soil conditions. A well-drained potting soil is strongly recommended.

    Grower’s Tips:
    These flowers are hardy growers that can adapt to a fairly wide range of conditions, including variable light levels and soil quality. The main note on them is their limited tolerance for very cold weather. However, for most indoor growers this shouldn’t be a problem. For best results, remember to water regularly, provide lots of bright light, feed regularly and move it outside in the summer. Kangaroo paw is to aphids.