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Eryngium Alpinium

Appearance and Characteristics

Eryngium is a thistle-like flower and is available in a number of different shapes, sizes and varieties. Usually in Blue or Green Shades.

  • Sun Exposure – Full Sun
  • Soil Type Normal -Sandy or Clay
  • Soil Moisture – Average orDry
  • Care Level – Easy
  • Flower Colour – Deep Blue
  • Flower Head Size – Large
  • Height – 60-75 cm
  • Spread – 45-60 cm
  • Growth Rate – Medium

Sea holly thrives best in dry and sunny spots: the hard structure and the smooth waxy surface of the shoot protect the plant from drying out even in strong sunshine. The light bluish-green colour of the sea holly, protects the plant from the negative effects of overexposure to sun radiation as well. The poorer and drier the soil where the flat sea holly grows, the stronger the colour of the shoot.

This is a very hardy species, small flowered but with superb colour in the garden, especially nice contrasting with yellow or gold neighbours. Plants spread to form a small patch. Easily divided in early spring. Tolerant of hot, dry sites, and soils high in salts. For drying, pick stems just as the flower clusters open fully, and hang upside down to dry in a warm, dark place. Attractive to butterflies.

Garden Uses

  • Excellent selection for sun baked areas of the landscape. Beds and borders.
  • Effective as a single specimen or in groupings.
  • Excellent for cut or dried flower arrangements.