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Common name: Dwarf Pineapple flower

Eucomis is a summer growing bulb. The bulbs are large 8-10cm diameter, ovoid in shape, and give rise to a rosette of large, broad, soft-textured, fleshy, leaves. Eucomis is usually found tucked up against big rocks or below cliffs. The leaves are large with wavy margins and have purple spots underneath.

Growing Eucomis

Eucomis autumnalis is not difficult to grow and once established does not require much attention. Bulbs should be planted with their tops at or just below ground level, in rich soil, in full sun or partial sale. They will tolerate poor soil, but perform much better in fertile soil. They benefit greatly from a generous application of well-rotted compost every spring and ample water whilst in active growth during spring and summer. Seed is sown in spring, in deep (±10 cm) containers in a well-drained seedling mix. Seed germinates readily in 4-6 weeks.