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Eustoma Flamenco


  • ‘Balboa’ series: Produces an average of three dozen flowers per plant in shades of blue
  • ‘Flamenco’ series: Although gardeners seem to prefer the double flowers over the single flowers, the heat tolerance and ability to grow without staking makes this single blossoming type worth a try.
  • ‘Maurine’ series: A semi-dwarf heat tolerant type

Belonging to Group II/Standard Double Flower, Lisianthus Flamenco performs well under warm, long day conditions. This series produces high quality, long stemmed cut flowers with large blooms.

Lisianthus flowers have gained a reputation of being finicky and difficult to grow. In fact, if you just learn the needs of the lisianthus and attend to them, you will be able to successfully grow a flower that commands a high price in bridal bouquets and other special occasion flower arrangements


Lisianthus flowers are most commonly available in cool tones, but you may occasionally see yellow or carmine-red flowering plants for sale. Single or double three-inch blooms grow in every variation of pink and purple, as well as white and picotee bicolors. The flowers are attractive in bud as well as in full bloom. Plants usually yield several blooms on each stem. Foliage is dark green and lance shaped.


Although you can grow lisianthus plants from seed, they aren’t for beginners, and the plants take a very long time to mature into blooming-sized plants when they aren’t cultivated under strictly maintained greenhouse conditions. Your best bet is to buy plants with buds or flowers already emerging, as even greenhouse growers may sometimes produce plants that favor foliage over flowers.