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Gladiolus Mascagni

About Gladiolus Flowers and Plants

Gladiolus is a perennial favored for its beautiful, showy flowers. Its flowers grow on tall spikes and are often found in cutting gardens or in the back along the border. Gladioli have many different colored flowers, and make great cut flowers.

Some Interesting Facts About Gladiolus Flowers

  • The Gladiolus flower is the birth flower for August.
  • African Gladioli were imported in large quantities to Europe from South Africa during the 18th century.
  • The Mediterranean and British Gladiolus flowers were used to treat physical ailments.
  • Some parts of the Gladiolus plant are poisonous if ingested and handling some species may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • The English used the gladiolus flower’s stem base as a poultice and for drawing out thorns and splinters

Recommended Varieties

  • Candyman, for its beautiful deep pink flowers
  • Dream’s End, which makes a good back border plant because its flower spike is up to 3 feet long (and it has pretty light orange flowers with large yellow centers)
  • Prins Claus, which has white flowers with splashes of pink on its petals