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Iris Golden Beauty

Sun exposure – Full Sun, Part Sun
Soil type - Any
Flower color – Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Multicolor
Bloom time – Summer

The tall, beautiful iris, named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors.

Every gardener wants this perennial as it is hardy, reliable, and easy to grow. Irises also attract butterflies and make lovely cut flowers.

The iris flower is a herbaceous perennial and known for its beauty. They come in colors including white, yellow, brown, red, orange, blue, purple and black. There are over 200 types that produce in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are grown all over the world and adapt well in most settings, including extremely cold areas, deserts and swamps.

Facts About Iris

  • Iris flower plant is an hardy herbaceous perennial.
  • Iris plant stems are aerial stems longer than the leaves
  • Summer is the flowering season.
  • Irises are famous for their beautiful blooms and their fragrance.
  • The seeds of Iris flowers are numerous and pale-brown.