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Leucadendron Succesion

There are more than 80 species of Leucadendrons, all with interesting characteristics. These cut flowers grow as showy trees and shrubs.
part of the Proteaceae family, relatives include Proteas, Banksias and Telopeas.

Leucadendrons are compositions of stiff, colorful terminal leaves that surround cone like flowers. The flowers have most of the parts of conventional flowers reduced to small scales

Leucadendrons will last 2-6 weeks depending on variety and/or whether one is measuring flower or foliage life. Water stress can severely reduce vase life so make sure you check the vase water level daily. This long lasting exotic green will add color and appeal to any flower arrangement.


  • This plant is called the silver tree because on a sunny day it glistens with a stunning silvery sheen.
  • To reduce water loss the hairs flatten and not only reflect away a lot of heat and light. This means that the tree looks more silvery on hot sunny days than rainy days.

Wildlife facts

  • In its natural habitat in South Africa, the silver tree is mainly pollinated by beetles attracted to the flowers, which are said to smell like root beer.