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Liatris White

Sun Exposure – Full Sun
Soil Type – Normal, Sandy or Clay
Soil pH – any
Soil Moisture – Average, Dry or Moist
Care Level – Easy

Liatris has a thick stem with numerous blooms that gradually open more fully as they approach its upper end. Each bloom has fuzzy hair-like petals .This purple flower would add height and color to any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece or flower arrangement.

Easy to grow in the garden than liatris blazing star plants (Liatris sp). These 1–5 feet tall plants emerge from mounds of narrow, grass-like leaves. Liatris flowers form along the tall spikes, and these fuzzy, thistle-like blossoms, which are usually purple, flower from the top to the bottom rather than in the traditional bottom to top blooming of most plants. There are also rose colored and white varieties available.

It looks particularly attractive when planted in large sweeps or drifts in informal settings. In a formal garden, liatris works well individually. The flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees, and other insects.

In addition to their attractive blooms, the foliage remains green throughout the growing season before turning into a rich bronze color in fall. In late summer, liatris plants produce showy one to five-foot tall, upright bottlebrush-like spikes of bright purple or sometimes white flowers.
Liatris also make a great cut flower, both fresh and dried.